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what is a biologic?

Biologics are treatments made from living things, like cells, and are often combinations of sugars, nucleic acids, and proteins. They work differently than most other prescription medicines, which generally work through your entire body. Biologics have the ability to target more specific areas of your immune system.

what are biologics used for?

Vaccines, blood components, allergenics, therapeutic proteins, and gene therapy are examples of commonly used biologics.

biologics and psoriasis

When it comes to psoriasis, biologics have the ability to work at the source of the condition. By working within the skin on the immune system, they can help block proteins, and cytokines which can cause psoriasis, so skin cells don't overproduce.

There are 4 types of biologics that are used to treat psoriasis; all block proteins in your body that are thought to contribute to psoriasis: TNF inhibitors, Interleukin-23, Interleukin-12/23, and Interleukin-17A inhibitors. Read more about how these biologic treatments work.

a few more facts...

• Biologics have been used to treat diseases for more than 100 years. Advanced production techniques have helped them become more widely available over the last decade.

• Just like any prescription treatment, biologics need FDA approval before they're available for use.

• Biologics have been and continue to be researched and tested for safety. 

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