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The more you learn about psoriasis, the more active you can be in your treatment. Educate yourself so that you are prepared to ask your dermatologist questions, talk about your concerns, and understand your options.

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If you are having joint pain, you may want to learn more about a condition called psoriatic arthritis. You can also speak to a rheumatologist. Find one here.


There are also many groups dedicated to raising awareness and funding research that benefit people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Here's a list of sites that you may find helpful.

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National health organizations and research institutions

News, medical, and information websites

Look for psoriasis-specific information in these sites.

  • The more you learn about psoriasis, the more active you can be in your treatment
  • There are many educational resources available to help you learn more about psoriasis
  • Share these links to help your family and friends better understand your condition
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